Take one Naval Architect / Sub Sea Engineer with a lifetime of sailing experience, and one useless and whimsical Marine Biologist who struggles to stay on her feet on dry land.  Add an old yacht needing a larger than expected dose of TLC, and follow them on their adventures…

Somewhere on Ullswater… a Ransome inspired Kayak Adventure


Chris “Double O” Dowie

Projects?!  You can’t have too many projects!!  Said no one, ever… except me.  If it can be done oneself, Ill have a go!  Loft conversions, welding, small boat restoration, building a camper van, plumbing, electrics… pretty much every spare second of my free time is devoted to making the world better by building stuff and sailing!

Rosanne “I like all the Animals” Dinsdale

Cake… Animals… Cheese… Wine… Puppies… in that order. I can’t provide any form of technical, engineery or saily skills (yet) so I’m mostly here to provide the tea, cake and comedy value. I’ll also be chief photographer, and I’ll provide for all your whale watching needs.

One thought on “About”

  1. Hello there,
    Please could you contact me about your stay in Kirkcudbright marina. My email address is below and my mobile number is 07709 479663.
    Kind regards,
    Will Jones
    Kirkcudbright Harbourmaster


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