Playing with Toys!

With all our new toys to play with we were just too eager to work a normal 5 day week! We escaped early, on Thursday and drove down to Ragdoll just as the daylight was fading. We spent Thursday night at the mooring, before heading off to Holy Loch next day. It was a bit of a miserable grey day with a fair bit of rain, and decent amount of chop – but hey – we’d rather be sailing on a bad day than in the office!

Once booked in at Holy Loch we were off like a shot to Swordfish Marine Engineering to check out the outboards. We were assisted by a very helpful chap and walked away very happy with our new Mercury 3.5hp Fourstroke outboard. Obviously we spent the next 2 hours zooming round the marina testing it out. Thankfully the rain eased off and the sun even came out for a while! What a great way to spend a Friday afternoon!

With rain setting in we made dinner onboard and cozied up for the evening, watching some youtube videos and catching up on the blog.

Next morning dawned brighter and calmer so we got the SUPs inflated and headed out into the marina. It’s not quite as easy as it looks, and it took a wee while to get our balance. Chris was up on his feet like a pro in no time! Rosanne took a little longer building up her confidence, but eventually made it to standing, with an applause! Whilst we had been working on our skills, a cruise ship had been unloading passengers via small trip boats. We had provided plenty of entertainment for them!!

Worn out by our training, before heading off, we ventured to the Holy Loch Coffee Shop for an epic hot chocolate and a celebratory cake!

Holy Loch was quite a hub of activity, from it’s Cruise ship antics, to a ship loading wood, there was plenty to keep us entertained!

With the weather worsening slightly again, we ventured off hoping to find some sunnier skies in Loch Goil. Unfortunately, the wind was in the wrong direction (as seems to always be the case!!) so we motored our way over. We managed to grab the last of the visitor moorings at Lochgoilhead and had dinner in the cockpit, before heading out in the dinghy for a wander and a trip to the pub.

On the return journey, Rosanne was keen to be in charge of the outboard. Unfortunately, after one glass of wine, she forgot everything she had learnt and put the engine into a manic circular motion, going round and round. This sent her into a giggling fit making it even more impossible to regain control…thankfully Chris stepped in to restore order to the situation!! Somehow we made it back to Ragdoll.

The sky had begun to clear, and the promise of a meteor shower was too great not to stay up and watch. We turned the cockpit into a snug, with all of our cushions, blankets and even a couple of hot water bottles, and bedded down to watch the show!

With rain (again) the next morning we had a lazy morning, before setting off back. We stopped off at Carrick Castle, where Chris got back on his SUP and Rosanne took the dinghy for a pootle. Back on Ragdoll, we headed back to our mooring, sad to be leaving for another week. The porpoises put on an excellent display which made up for it though! Before we left Ragdoll, we decided she deserved a good scrub! She’s back to looking nice and shiny again now! Roll on next time!

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