Christmas in August!?

We still have a long list of things we’d like for Ragdoll, and have spent so much time talking and thinking about them, that we decided it was time to treat her/us with some new toys!

Meet Monty the Mantus!


We’ve had real issues with anchoring in the Clyde so far. We have tried in several different locations, but always struggled to get a satisfying bite. This anchor looks (and feels) far more promising! From Chris’s initial testing on the front lawn it is hard to imagine Monty not getting a bite in anything! We’re hoping for lots more anchoring out opportunities now that Monty is part of the team!

Since we’ve been on the mooring, we have obviously been getting much more use out of the dinghy. An outboard has been on the list for a while, and we had spotted some in the chandlery at Holy Loch on our previous visit. We finally decided to take the plunge and buy one… a Mercury 3.5 Fourstroke from Swordfish Marine Engineering at Holy Loch.


And then…having bought two presents for Ragdoll, we thought it was only fair to buy some toys for us too…so we bought the inflatable stand up paddleboards that we have been eyeing up for a while! We’re looking forward to testing them out, and hopping on those to explore, instead of always having to use the dinghy! Fingers crossed we can stay upright!!!

We’ll be eating smart price for the next few weeks now…!!

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