Across the border!

A few weeks after the epic Mull of Galloway trip, Chris and Rosanne met in Carlisle to leave one car and then returned to Kirkcudbright with the other.

We were glad to get back to Ragdoll, who had been somewhat abandoned there! The pontoons at Kirkcudbright are on some extremely tidal mudflats…which were pretty incredible to see at low tide!

We set off early and had a lovely sunny sail from Kirkcudbright down to Whitehaven. We arrived around lunchtime and enjoyed our first experience of a lock gate.

On our arrival, we were warned to look out for a huge tree trunk floating in the sea just off the coast…we spotted it, and steered well clear…that would have been a nasty shock!

Rosanne’s mum and dad, and Millie the dog came to meet us in the marina and we enjoyed a sunny afternoon on-board before returning to Carlisle to collect the car and then back to Kirkcudbright to collect the other car. The logistics made what was a relatively simple sail into a rather more complicated affair!

Whitehaven proved to be a great little marina. It was very secure and always had lots of people around. There’s plenty of parking available and a Tescos and train station within easy walking distance.

We had a few weekends based here but didn’t manage any local sailing unfortunately, due to the weather. We had some visits from family, enjoyed tapas at Anna’s restaurant, visited the Beacon Mueum, explored the town, kayaked around the marina, and enjoyed some chillout time onboard.

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