Messing about on boats

We awoke on Saturday morning with the intention of a bacon roll and then getting stuck into fixing the hot water on board. On our way to Down the Hatch – where bacon and sausage sandwiches are the bees knees, we bumped into our chums from Indefatigable Banks. As they were visiting on foot and had no plans for the day, a plan was concocted to avoid the DIY and take them for a sail instead. Once we’d dealt with the bacon sandwich requirements we headed back to the boat and ventured out to check out the new bridge as they were about to begin lifting one of the final middle segments in. We were very quickly shuffled on by the Nicola S guard vessel.


It was a beautiful day so we headed off down river and soon decided to head for Granton as the Indefatigable Banks team had never been. We had a great sail with the kite up. On the way we passed the RS400 racing fleet and Chris had fun identifying all the boats he used to race against. As we headed in to Granton we stumbled upon more racing and tried to avoid getting in the way! We may have gotten a wee bit close for comfort!!

On arrival in Granton we ventured to the club bar for a tasty lunch of soup and sandwiches. Back on the pontoon we found a few people to chat to and spent a while chilling out in the sun. Rosanne watched some tiny fish off the pontoons and tried feeding them a few crumbs. The gulls kept swooping in…not sure if they were more interested in the fish or the crumbs!


On the journey back Chris had a new victim for his favourite game of dangling someone off the side of the boat. Rosanne had to go first just to prove it was safe! We sailed all the way back to the bridges, and then decided to motor the final stretch as the wind dropped.

Back at Port Edgar, unfortunately the IndiBanks crew had to make a swift exit, after we kept them out to play for too long. (We’re really good at going out for “an hour or two” and returning 7 hours later!!) Chris and Rosanne ventured to the pub for dinner.

Chris bounded out of bed on Sunday excited to fix the hot water! After a lot of blowing of pipes, turning taps on and off and climbing from engine room to cockpit locker and back again, we eventually figured out the pipe that was to blame. Two trips to the chandlery and about 5 x 1m pipe later (we weren’t sure which pipe would be best!) we had hot water flowing readily! Both delighted, we were kicking ourselves a little for not trying that sooner….who knew it could be so simple!


Having succeeded the mission earlier than planned, we ventured out for a rather windy celebratory sail. Just beyond the bridges we bumped into Dream Catcher heading back in. We convinced Nathan and Yvonne to stay out an play for a while and enjoyed a game of follow the leader. Nathan learnt the hard way that if there is excited pointing going on onboard Ragdoll, it’s generally not a signal to head in that direction, but more likely a seal or some other exciting wildlife has been spotted!

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