A girly weekend on Ragdoll

There’s not been any Ragdoll action for a few weeks as Chris has been working away offshore. (Come home soon Chris!) This weekend, however, Rosanne and her friend Jess ventured down to check on Ragdoll and make a trip to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was exciting to arrive and see the new Sprayhood which has been fitted in our absence over the last few weeks courtesy of SailDoctor. Great job! She’s looking super smart!
All was well with Ragdoll apart from the minor issue of getting the padlock into the companionway open! After several minutes trying, Rosanne eventually decided to unlock the fore hatch instead, and drop down into the boat, taking all the bags with her. It was only once she got inside that she realised the flaw in her plan!

We usually leave the boat with the bathroom (Chris loves it when Rosanne uses the wrong words for names of the boat!!) and hanging locker doors tied together, open, to allow the air to circulate when we’re away. This meant the only way to get out of the forecabin and into the rest of the boat was to slide under one of the doors through a space about 30cm high! Always up for a challenge- especially when it involves fitting into small spaces- Rosanne kicked her boots off and contorted her body through the tiny gap. Just as she got the doors untied she heard a celebratory cheer from Jess who had finally got the padlock off on the outside – hooray!!

A fun weekend was had watching The Glasgow Girls and various comedians. And Ragdoll survived her first girly weekend! What a great base Port Edgar is!

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