More speed McPhail!

So a fairly quiet weekend for us, with no major ambitions.  Chris got the new vent for the gas locker fitted, and also fitted up the new instrument pod to finally remove the home made instrument pod from the previous owner.  Being made of plywood, it was getting soaked and could not have been good for the instruments, which were constantly misted up.  The new one, a GRP moulding from an Ebay vendor, fitted the bill nicely!  Chris took his time to make some cuts and had it fitting beautifully.  It was then bonded and screwed in using 3m 4200.  Once the 4200 had set up, it was clear that it was a permanent installation!

The instruments were then re fitted, with a 5th being added in the form of a spare BM1 that Chris had lying around from previous projects.  the intent over time to swap it for a NASA Compass.  This will be ok for now.  Chris soldered and heat shrank all his connections before taping and tucking.  The good thing about this new pod is that instruments are now easily removable and serviceable.

In other bits and pieces, we fitted a new winch handle holder, as the previous one was looking particularly scabby with its rusty non stainless screws… and Chris happened to melt a huge hole in it with his soldering iron.  We went for a quick sail to test the instruments on the Saturday evening, and everything seemed to work just fine.  Another successful project completed!

With Rosanne heading off early for a trip home to mum, Chris was invited onto Jammin, a stripped out racing machine for the Burntisland Regatta… He didn’t get in the way too much, and considering the wind and the seas, didn’t get too wet!  It was great fun to have a play with a proper racing boat for a change of scene.  Smashing 7kts upwind and well over 10kts downwind all day was a hoot!

Later in the day, the full team from Joint Venture made it back from the regatta to Port Edgar.  George took great delight in showing Chris his gigantic trophy from their weekend efforts… Seriously, George had to physically remove things from his Vee Berth to drag this beast out into the air!

Spotted in the marina this weekend was the now famous Westerly Centaur Harmony, Dylan Winter’s boat, now sold to a new owner.  This was the boat he took along the East Coast of Scotland for Series 8 of his videos at  Thoroughly enjoyable videos Dylan, keep up the good work!

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