Limekilns River Festival

We arrived at Port Edgar in decent time on Friday evening and decided it would be fun to set off on an overnight adventure. After our previous Dalgety Bay incident, we were a little cautious and wondered if we were being silly, but the weather looked promising so we decided to go and check out Inverkeithing harbour. We made it into the harbour and all went to plan apart from nearly losing the anchor because Chris forgot to tighten the gypsy clutch before backing down on the anchor to bed it in…  What a dork!  Thankfully Chris had attached an anchor buoy for fear of hooking into a shopping trolley so it wouldn’t have been the end of the world if the bitter end had gone overboard!

We had a lovely calm night, but awoke to a much more windy morning next day. After a breakfast of croissants, we set off in the direction of Limekilns to join in their River Festival fun. Unfortunately the wind was picking up and the wind over tide situation did not make for a pleasant journey. We got over half way before Rosanne turned green and we decided we would be silly to continue. We turned around and headed back to Port Edgar.

After a few chats with neighbours, and a wander round the marina to get used to solid ground again, we headed over to Limekilns by road. We enjoyed looking on board Reaper, and Christina II, and caught up with some of the Limekilns clan. The local school had gotten involved and created some fabulous model boats in driftwood, plastic bottles, shells, lego… you name it!  Very many of them, you would say, might have been created by a master artist or sculptor, such was the quality.

We returned to Ragdoll and Chris did some works on the electrics while Rosanne enjoyed curling up with a book. Around 10pm we went for a walk along the pier and decided the weather had subsided and the gusts were dying down. Somewhat crazily we decided to make a mad dash for Limekilns on the rising tide to join the party and be ready for the flotilla the next day.

We made it safely across, although the wind had not dropped and it was still scarily choppy. Thankfully, in the falling light it was less fearsome than the morning! It was a little bit of a struggle getting moored to the wall at Limekilns as the wind was intent on blowing us in the opposite direction, but with the promise of the bar still being open, Chris threw Ragdoll at the pier with renewed enthusiasm.  We got sorted with our spare weight on the Starboard side ready for drying out as the tide disappeared.

We made it to the marquee in time for a final drink with George, Christian and the gang. Once it was time to leave, we were tempted onto Christina II by their log burning stove. Eventually we made it back to Ragdoll, well into the early hours, with only an hour or two before touch down at low tide. Chris slept in the saloon, with one eye open, until we were safely leaning against the wall…. just to make certain the boat was OK you understand, not because Rosanne kicked him out of bed.

After our late night adventures we deserved a lie in and awoke just in time to bag the last two bacon rolls in Limekilns club house. Then it was onto flotilla preparations.

### Apologies if the next few paragraphs are laced with feelings. ###

For the last few weeks we have had the rainbow flag flying following the tragedy in Orlando, as a mark of respect and solidarity.  They didn’t deserve to die for their sexuality.

In addition, this week we added the Scottish flag, and after some sadness at the result of the referendum to leave the EU, we also flew the EU flag by way of reflection and if nothing else, to mark the occasion.  We are, and have been for a very long time, an EU country.

These were all hoisted for the flotilla and added a splash of extra colour in among all the bunting. There were lots of visitors to the pier to view the boats and we had lots of very pleasant conversations and several friendly comments on the flags.

Chris wandered off to take some film.

Suddenly a very aggressive woman flew across the pier towards Ragdoll demanding to know who’s boat she was. She demanded that the flags were taken down immediately and that we were “inciting a riot” by flying “political flags”.  Rosanne held her own, but thankfully Chris reappeared to back Rosanne up.  We could clearly see the many passers by and onlookers looking as bemused as we were at these nasty accusations that we were causing trouble. Quite clearly, no rioting was occurring, and she was completely alone in her aggressive ranting.  We were informed that she would call the police if we didn’t remove them, and so we suggested we call them for her. I’m not sure that her aggression towards us would be viewed kindly. After a long few minutes of arguing she finally left us alone (after being told to quite succinctly) and marched off to complain to others who also gave her short thrift.


A few of the visitors popped over to chat following her exit to discuss the scene that she’d caused and were totally unimpressed by the small minded attitude she’d displayed.  It turned out that it was infact the EU flag she had a problem with.

It’s sad that one persons bad attitude, ignorance and inability to accept different points of view like that has to cause a scene and put a dampener on what was otherwise a great and community based day out.  A taster of the many negative attitudes that have raised their ugly heads following the recent referendum. We really feel for those who have come from Europe and made their lives here, and those from this country who have made their lives throughout the EU.  They are terrified of the uncertainty their future holds.  To that I will say the following:

A dangerously charismatic politician once made an ethnic group of people feel the same way because of his insecurities.  He dragged his country along with him into hatred and divisiveness.

His name was Adolf Hitler. 

### Political rant over ###

Anyway….on with our day. The tide was finally high enough for Reaper to venture out of the harbour and so all of the boats made their way into the channel. It was a fantastic sight to see so many boats led by Reaper,  built in 1901. Unfortunately the wind had not dropped much so there were no sails out, but it was a very happy flotilla all the same. A tug was also on scene running the fire hydrants in a big arc over the Forth.

Ragdoll followed the fleet around, and we were very pleased to have been up so close and personal with such an iconic piece of Scottish history on the water.

And so all good things come to an end and we had to return to Port Edgar and put Ragdoll to bed for another week.

Chris did have one thought running through his mind during the encounters with Reaper.

 My old man would have loved to see that.



3 thoughts on “Limekilns River Festival”

  1. Hi guys – so good to see all the pics and your blog makes terrific reading! Such a shame about your incident over the flags on Sunday – sadly there’s always one Muppet 😦

    looking forward to seeing you on the river over the summer. Andi x


  2. As an expat living in Finland I want to say thank you for flying your chosen flags.
    Enjoying your blogs and U-Tube videos. Thanks for taking the time to do them.


    1. Thanks David, I am enjoying yours too! The new boat is a peach!
      I really do hope the Brexit doesn’t remove the future possibility of living within the EU for either of us. Still can’t believe what has happened 😦


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