Some recent projects

Lately, I have been up to a few projects on Ragdoll!

Firstly, Chic from SailDoctor has been to get the frame for a spray hood sorted.  We had a lot for Chic to think about on this spray hood…

Unbridled Desires:

  • Bigger than average for a Westerly 33
  • Good shelter sitting forward in the cockpit
  • As much headroom as possible
  • Headroom while standing on the first step in the companionway
  • Clearance for Main Sheet
  • Clearance for Cockpit Lockers
  • Match angle of cabin sides
  • Pleasing and complimentary curves
  • Not look slab sided or too high
  • Plenty visibility forward while sitting at helm
  • Top at my nose height for visibility forward
  • Good Access forward to the foredeck
  • Material in medium Grey

Willing Compromises:

  • Will look a bit bigger than most Westerly 33 spray hoods
  • Can completely block the primaries as long as a flap can be moved
  • No need to fold flat particularly neatly or in line with the fwd coaming

Looking at the frame produced I think he has absolutely nailed it… you can just tell that this is going to look awesome when complete… in fact, if its as good as any of Chic’s work I have seen around the marina, this will be candidate for best Westerly 33 sprayhood ever!


In other works, I got a remote engine filter kit installed on the venerable Mercedes OM636.  This was my first time replacing the oil filter, and I am glad I fitted the remote kit.  It took me 2 hours to remove the oil strainer cartridge from the extremely tight access on the side of the engine.  It took me a further 3 hours of keyhole surgery to clean things up, make the new connections and route the new filter assembly and oil pressure sender to the forward end of the engine compartment, where the spin on filter can now be swapped out in minutes.  I completed the oil change after filling the filter, and half the cockpit with oil!  Great modification and hopefully good for the engine!

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