Ragdoll’s First Sleepover!

We had some maintenance to do on Friday evening and Saturday morning due to an incident in the marina whilst we were away.  Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to repair and the Bosun’s Locker had all the spare parts we needed to complete the job, so the rest of our weekend plans weren’t disrupted.

On Saturday evening Lily and Sarah arrived to stay on the boat overnight. The Prosecco was soon flowing as we sat on deck in the sunshine. Lily took a turn in the dinghy, followed by Rosanne who insisted that she was going backwards deliberately! After the Prosecco ran out we ventured into Queensferry and had some Italian at La Barca.

On Saturday we were up bright and early. Unfortunately, a little too keen, as we tried to escape the marina before there was enough water to do so! After a brief spell of being stuck in the mud, we returned to the pontoon for a cup of tea and second breakfast. Eventually we got on our way and set off for Aberdour.

Note for the log: Grounding occurred at the bottom of a 0.46m tide on Springs at the corner of the exit to the 10 metre pontoons.  45 mins later, it was passable with power.  Drag on the keel was felt all the way along the outside pontoons and engine revs were maintained for 4 or 5kts, but only made 1 or 2 kts to the end of the outer pontoon. 0.6m to 0.7m is the limit at the corner for Ragdoll.

Lily and Sarah made excellent crew and soon got the hang of it! Chris was most pleased having a squad of ladies doing his bidding for the day! 🙂 The clouds soon burnt off and a beautiful blue sky appeared. We eventually made it to Aberdour with Erin of PEYC hot on our tails, and moored up to the wall, just as the rest of the Port Edgar contingent arrived.

With a great picnic onboard, we enjoyed the weather at Aberdour, and watched the rest of the PEYC boats moor along the wall.  Barbecues were broken out and the smell of sizzling sausages filled the air for the afternoon!  Chris was out in the dinghy and challenged the young crew of Fulmar to a dinghy race… Chris was clearly instructed to make a good show of loosing considering the age of the competition.  However, Chris maintains he had an unfair handicap with Rosanne weighing down his transom!

All too soon it was time to leave to get the girls back to Port Edgar in time to get back to Aberdeen.  We had a great sail back, paying our usual visit to the seals, and with the ladies doing “most” of the work!

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