Off to Limekilns

Springs, 6.5m High, 0.2m Low!  Winds, Easterly, light in the am, building to 15kts in the afternoon

After several trips east of Port Edgar, on Sunday we decided to venture in the opposite direction, which was with the tide and up river.  We left with the Port Edgar racing fleet, some of whom were having a mini adventure trying to get out of the marina!  We had one of the biggest spring ranges of the year and it was still a bit early for getting out.  Some tried standing their crews to the side, others went for the Jeremy Clarkson approach… SPEED AND POWER!!!

We crossed under the new Queensferry Crossing for the first time.  It was really cool to take our time and peer into the skeletal internals of the new bridge – a privilege that will soon be gone forever when the bridge is completed.  Chris made sure to go the right way beneath the bridge and not stray into the exclusion zone.

We played around in a nice quiet spot of the firth and Rosanne practised her sailing skills. Once the tide rose enough (we had approx. 4m above CD at 15:00h) we headed north to Limekilns where we were greeted by the friendly faces of Gavin and Rory. Ragdoll is looking a wee bit more complete since they saw her last!

We moored up to the harbour wall and they came aboard for a cuppa.  Alistair soon followed at the sound of the kettle boiling! Limekilns was a hive of activity with their launch scheduled for next weekend.

As we chatted with George and Gavin (Dyed in the wool Firth of Forth Bilge Keel Sailors by the way!) about our trip to Inchcolm the previous day, Chris mentioned that we had gone all the way in to the top of the little landing stage.  This was at the top of the spring 6.5m tide and we had our bow practically in the front lawn of Inchcolm Abbey and our keel in the sand trying to get ashore….

Well if George and Gavin ever nearly choked on their tongues with incredulity it was now!!

“You did WHAT?!” “You took that enormous boat all the way in there?!!?” “Are you mental?!” 

“is that bad?!!”

“Surprised the caretaker didn’t run out screaming at you!”

“Oh! (oops!)”

“Its a tight squeeze in there…  We only ever anchor off!”

“Erm… we did that too!?”

“How did you ever get out?!!”

“Errr… I just reversed!!!”

It was at this point we realised that we might be better off cruising in company for a while, and that our threshold for being silly and adventurous might be higher than we thought!

There were plenty more friendly faces to chat to, and plenty of willing hands to help us cast off again when the time came.

We returned to Port Edgar under engine to get a decent charge in the batteries, and tested the autopilot for most of the journey.  Chris was pleasantly surprised at how accurately the old NECO autopilot maintained course.  After a wash down and a quick tidy up it was time to put Ragdoll to bed for another week. We headed northwards just as a beautiful sunset lit up the firth.


We’re considering our options for something a little further afield next weekend. Rosanne was eager to have an adventure, but Chris is still amused by her naivety, and insisted that she still has “no idea just how many ways we could die!”

Here’s the video from the day!

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