Sails are up!

Finally, time for some adventures!

03/04/2016 – Tide: Neaps, Low 2m, high 4.5m, Wind: Very light Easterlies.

We had a few final preparations to carry out before setting sail for the first time.  We fitted a new main halyard, put up the main sail and genoa and furled them both. Two new life buoys were fitted, carried out an oil change on the engine and bought some flares – just incase!  We also got the spare fuel and the kedge anchor onboard.  Rosanne learnt the hard way not to drop things in the water… one very soggy towel and one shackle pin into the Port Edgar abyss….a stern talking to from Chris means it will never happen again… Ever!

With one final radio check, the red ensign went up and off we went! After carefully negotiating the entrance to Port Edgar we crossed under the bridges for the first time. We headed off down river under engine and motored off towards Dalgety Bay where we picked up a mooring. We were on the look out for friends racing there, but they were nowhere to be seen, so we had a chat with the DB rescue cover and then after a quick cuppa we headed off again before the tide got too low. Chris invented his fancy dancy MK1 spannerfathometer depth gauge (a spanner and carefully calibrated string) just to make sure Ragdoll’s depth sounder was reading correctly, which amazingly, it was!  It reads true depth by the way… no keel offset here.

Thankfully then some wind appeared and we got the sails up. We went gybing off downwind in the direction of the bridges at about 3kts. With Rosanne on the helm (eeeeeeek!) Chris was free to check everything was in order.  Amazingly, the boat didn’t sink and the rig stayed up! (two facts that continually seem to amaze Chris – probably not a good sign for a professional Naval Architect!)

After a few downwind gybes we checked out the anchor at Carlingnose Pier, anchoring in about 4.5m at low tide. With 25m of chain out the anchor bit hard and fast first time in good thick mud! Time for another tea!

Eventually we decided to move on and pootled our way back downwind under the bridges. Chris took over at the helm on re-entry to Port Edgar to make sure we didn’t have any disasters!

After all the fresh air and excitement we chilled onboard for the rest of the evening and celebrated our success with a Chinese meal!  Rosanne even managed to persuade Chris to play a board game… !

Mission accomplished! 🙂


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