And she’s in!

Chris returned to Port Edgar on Thursday evening to make the final preparations for Ragdoll’s launch.  The mast had been put up and everything was looking good!

When I arrived the following morning the launch prep was well underway, with some welcome help from Jamie!  Thanks man!

An hour early, at 3 o’clock, the travel lift arrived, and Chris and I donned our life jackets ready for the next step of this adventure. Chris’ family had thankfully arrived at little early so didn’t miss out on the launch excitement.

We followed Ragdoll over to the slipway, capturing a few more photos of her last moments on land, before Chris and I were allowed to jump aboard as she was set afloat. It was a nerve racking few minutes wondering whether everything would go to plan!! Despite the nerves of the day Chris’ muscle memory kicked in and he worked like a pro.

We moved her round the marina to her designated pontoon, and I was even trusted to take the wheel for while Chris prepared some ropes for her mooring!

Once she was securely moored up, it was time to get the family on board and crack open the champagne!

Although there is still plenty to do, only a few jobs got addressed this weekend, with the focus on getting afloat and trying to relax after all the effort of getting to this stage.  Annoyingly, the weather was not conducive to finishing the last bit of deck paint!

What got done:

  • Sent Rosanne up the mast to fit a flag halyard!
  • Automatic Bilge Pump plumbed and wired, and tested!
  • Engine run up and Morse control fine tuned
  • Fitted the boom and ran in a lot of the new running rigging
  • Liferaft and engine oil made their way onboard
  • Various other bits and pieces made their way onboard
  • Tidied up the cradle area and binned loads of junk
  • Rig got some basic tuning and all split pins installed
  • Most importantly, the whimsical and silly name was fitted to the galley!


Aaaaaand relax! 🙂

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