Even more snow!!!

So this Saturday, more snow fell… so we sacked off any heavy work, got some panels bonded up in the galley, and high tailed it to Ikea, mainly for meatballs, but we stocked the galley up with essentials and even found some disco lights!  I took some time fitting things up, while Rosanne got the drawers lined with drawer liner, and organised all the utensils into their stowages.  Still a few things to do in this area…

Sunday was a much nicer day.  Up early and got the first coat of antifoul on.  Hempel Cruising Performer in Dove White.  The 2.5l tin was just enough to do the entire bottom, with a double layer on the leading edges.  This was looking good, and we were pleased with the colour, though it should lighten upon immersion.  We will save the second coat for nearer splash time.

We flew the ensign for a bit of colour today.. Valentines day and all that! 🙂  So in other works we started the process of compounding the white areas on deck, and tried the nonslip paint that I had selected for the deck – Safekote Marine Antislip

Turns out this is a fantastic product!  Good coverage and obliteration, and the granule size is tiny and round so no sharp feel, just non skid.  I am looking forward to seeing the whole deck done with this.

In other works, the boat got a good clear out of tools and unused stuff now the galley is taking shape.  We set things up to work on the masts next week, as they have been blissfully ignored since arrival in Port Edgar and are due some attention!

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