More shiny, but weather not playing ball…

This weekend, we moved a load of new bits and pieces to the boat, the new galley panels etc, and did one or two odd jobs inside.  The bulk of progress was on Saturday, with the starboard hull getting compounded to a high shine.

Meanwhile, Rosanne got the chain marked up for lengths, and we got the boot top and cove line masked up for paint.  Deciding to risk it with rain forecast, we went for the paint job.  I managed to survive the trestles collapsing under me, somehow managing to safely surf the collapsing planks to the ground without spilling a drop of paint from the can I was holding… skillz! 😉

We had to adjust the boot top line a fair bit until it looked ok… its still not perfectly straight, but you would have to be looking very critically to notice.  once I understand how it sits through the season I will know where and how to adjust it for perfection.  For now it looks great!  We were happy with the dark grey.  We tried a bit of the antifoul on the hull to see what the colour contrast would be.  The paint lightened considerably as it dried, and I think will do so even further with another coat.  This is Hempel Cruising Performer, Dove White.  I didn’t mask on the boot top yet as I want it to cure for a week before I risk masking it…


So with Sunday sacked off, we left early, but we managed to put the ground tackle back together with new shackles and a new 10m rope spliced to the end in the anchor locker, and got it hoisted back into position.

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