More snow, more progress!

Week four of mission impossible.  This has been a pretty ugly winter so far, and this week I didn’t have Rosanne about to blame for the lack of progress (!) Cue ass kicking….

Snow on decks on the Friday night, and well into Saturday meant deck and exterior projects took a back seat to the interior projects.  I got the galley top scribed to fit, hole for new mixer tap drilled, and I bonded it down to the joinery with Gripfill (naughty, but quick!).  The electrics above the galley were rejoined, tested and tucked away, and I got on with the templating for the new splash backs.

I think when it is all bonded in and the new white gel coat splash backs are in place it will start to look pretty spectacular!  I also tried some Epifanes rubbed effect varnish on the bulkhead to see if it would improve the appearance.  Jury is out on that one, I suspect I will have to take all the previous finishes off and start from scratch if I want a proper job.  For now it seems to have made a slight improvement, but I will let Rosanne decide if its acceptable.  I planned a little trim to hide the underside of the deck, and to allow a light to be fitted behind.

So on to other things, struggling with the space inside the boat I got on with painting out the hanging lockers.  I used International Danboline in grey.  Tricky job to keep things clean and tidy, but I got it done in the end!

Mmmmmmm….. grey Danboline!  Should keep the mildew at bay for another 10 minutes!  I was truly spaced after doing this as the fumes were pretty fierce.  Acetone wiped, paint applied, and working with contact adhesive to refit a bit of loose headliner… la la la!!

I remembered to take photos of the fore hatch to show the before and after for the gel coating we did a few weeks ago.  This was looking good, and is proving plenty watertight.

Above photos show the before and after.  It pays to fit things right the first time instead of playing with bits of wood that cause multiple leaks!

So on Sunday, a bit of respite from the weather allowed me to get outside and have a go at compounding the hull.  Not knowing what to expect from this job, it has to be said that this was a 100% win.  I had cobbled together a work platform that let me access the topsides easily, and I had at the port side hull, starting from aft.  I was using Farecla G Mop wool backing pads and bonnets, and Farecla Profile 300 Marine compound, and my £60 buffing tool.  This was easily the best “bang for your buck” job that we have carried out so far.  The port hull literally gleamed, and that was without the wax!  Looking around the boat park at the faded, oxidised gel coat on nearly all the other boats, I was surprised that others don’t have a go at this.  It adds loads of instant kerb appeal to a boat.  I just can’t wait to attack the other side.

 Its nice to be able to see ones face in the gel coat!  I will do the other side next week, and compare results.  I will also hopefully get the wax on to keep it good.  You can see the aft starboard quarter for comparison.  Gonna have to buy some fender covers now! 🙂

In other works, the paint for the exterior has been ordered.  We are going to have a dark gloss grey boot top and cove stripe, and dove white anti foul.  Also, a light grey non skid paint has been ordered for the deck.  I was pleased to see the teak that we cleaned last week looking so clean and bright.  We still have the option to do the stage 2 Starbrite teak cleaner, so maybe we can try that.

Rosanne is planning the bedding for the fore cabin, and I managed to get the Eberspacher out for servicing.  It was not igniting, despite going through all the proper motions of trying to start, so its off to get serviced.  Also, I took the main anchor home to get painted in white Hammerite.  I like a white anchor!  Also I got some stainless polishing done on deck, mainly the bow fitting and the pulpit, and the life lines.

Still a lot to do, but maybe a little more under control these days.  I feel a lot better that I have found the extent of the rot in the cockpit bulkhead, and stopped the leak that caused it.  It also feels good that the galley is going back together and will be a vast improvement on the previous.

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